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Accreditations & Affiliations

As a DJ, I try to maintain a level of excellence through consistently learning and striving to be better at my craft. I accomplish this through professional resources and affiliations. Click on any of the images to open a new window with that website.

American Disk Jockey Association

ADJA 2.png

As a member of the ADJA, I commit myself to business excellence and I will:

•  Operate my business in an ethically sound manner while maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct.
•  Abide by all laws and regulations governing my professional activities.
•  Use legal forms of music and performance materials in the conduct of my entertainment services.
•  Be honest and realistic conveying talent, abilities, and level of services to my clients.
•  Deliver products and services to my clients, as promised, to the best of my abilities.
•  Use a written contract clearly stating all charges, services, products, performance expectations and other essential information.
•  Provide a safe work environment with adequate protection for my clients & their guests.
•  Maintain adequate and appropriate insurance coverage for all business activities.

Inclusive Vendors.png

Inclusive Vendors Of Alabama

IVOA Code of Professional Conduct.

As a member of the IVOA, I commit myself to business excellence and I will:

•  Not discriminate based on religion, race, or sexual orientation.
•  Provide a safe environment inclusive to all.
•  Use terminology that does not discriminate or alienate.
•  Be honest and open to my clients and understanding of their beliefs and needs.
•  Maintain an open mind and open dialogue.

Evolve DJ's.jpeg

Evolve DJ's Founding Member

A new (r)evolution of mobile DJs - where top performers are made... EvolveDJs. Evolving DJ's performance abilities and breaking the mold of what it means to be a mobile DJ. Direct learning sessions and networking founded by THREE time world DMC champion, Brandon Ragoza. (DJ Ragoza)

Crate Hackers.png

Crate Hackers Founding Member

DJ Dustin C is founding member of Crate Hackers that helps dj's organize and build their music library to cater to a wide variety of genres. This is a collective of professional dj's helping dj's be better. 

DJ's Vault.jpeg

The DJ's Vault

DJ Dustin C is a member of Joe Bunn's DJ vault. This is a strong network of motivated dj's looking to actively build their companies in a professional direction. 



DJ Dustin C uses Vibo for all of his events. Clients rave about the amazing technology available at their fingertips. This app revolutionizes the way we communicate and plan with clients. Real time editing, timeline management, music integration, and overall ease of use are some of the features that make this tool essential. Check out how Vibo can transform your business! 



Later is the all-in-one social marketing platform for the top social networks. Plan, analyze, and publish your content in a few clicks – so you can save time and grow your business. Click the logo to get 10 extra posts for the month once you sign up and publish an Instagram post through Later! This is what I use to schedule all my posts.

Marquee Show Logo.jpg

The Marquee Show

Dustin attends the Marquee show every year and can be found on the front row.

The Marquee Show is the first business conference for dj company and photo booth company owners looking for truly advanced level of education. Mix and Mingle with hundreds of other djs, photo booth professionals, and industry vendors during our three day conference. Sometimes the best nuggets are the ones discovered over coffee. Enjoy our evening events with fellow industry colleagues. Starting with our kick off karaoke party to our final club night, you will truly enjoy your evenings at the Marquee Show. A fun end to each day of learning.  

Muscle Shoals Music Association


Founded in 1975, The Muscle Shoals Music Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with the mission of “preserving and promoting the legacy and future of Muscle Shoals Music, while creating educational and employment opportunities for a new generation of music makers.” The MSMA’s purpose is built on the pillars of education, employment and awareness.  The MSMA develops programs to educate through local, regional and world-wide educational systems and organizations.

Country Music Hall Of Fame Troubadours'


Troubadour members enjoy quarterly networking events at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. They connect with other like-minded professionals, ages 21-45, from Music City.

Troubadour membership directly supports the Museum’s Community Counts initiative, which provides free admission to youth from Davidson and bordering counties outside of school hours. This membership group of young leaders is committed to providing Museum access for the next generation of patrons.



Streamyard was initially designed for gamers on three pillars: 

- Ease Of Use

- Stability

- Professional Looking Streams

 With Streamyard, you can quickly create engaging content with guests, show on screen comments/lower thirds, and brand your broadcasts with themes, overlays, and backgrounds. You don’t need to know anything about technology or streaming to get started. And even though StreamYard is simple, techy folks love how powerful it is under the hood, and how effective it is for streaming group discussions. Streamyard is now quickly becoming a favorite of musicians, small businesses, podcast creators, and even independent news stations! See how easy it is to use by clicking the link below and elevate your streaming today!

Venue & Event Center Affiliates

DJ Affiliates

Photography & Videography Affiliates

Event Planner Affiliates

Rental Affiliates

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