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Secondary DJ's

Meet my team of DJ's personally trained under me!

DJ Max Victory

DJ Max Victory and I go way back. If your looking for a DJ as close to the level of Dustin C, Max is it. Max's Pricing starts at $2500.

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DJ Icon

Icon is a go to luxury wedding DJ. When you want the high end elegance, look no further. Icons Pricing starts at $3500.

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DJ Meezy Supreme

Meezy is a New Orleans transplant who I refer heavily for College and EDM shows. Outside of DJ Max Victory, Meezy Supreme is the only other DJ on this list who produces his own original music. Meezy's Starting Price is $1500.

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DJ Rotomo

DJ Rotomo hails all the way from Connecticut but travels the country playing college and EDM shows with both DJ Max Victory & DJ Dustin C. Rotomo's starting price is $1500.

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DJ Romero

DJ Romero is a Shoals native and personally trained by DJ Dustin C. When you want great personality and good mixing skills, Romero is a great choice. DJ Romero's starting price is $1000.

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DJ Nate Dawg

DJ Nate is a Huntsville native and our most family friendly DJ. In addition to being a crowd favorite, Nate is also the most budget friendly. DJ Nate's starting price is $850.

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