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I have worked with several different vendors to create different packages to fit your needs and budget. Please keep in mind these prices are close to the Shoals. Any bookings outside the Shoals will require a travel fee. I will work with the vendors to keep this as low as possible. All packages include an on site notary so that your marriage license can be validated as soon as the ceremony is over. If you do not have a witness for the ceremony, we can provide you with witnesses for an additional $50 per witness. If you want a custom package not listed below, contact DJ Dustin C for pricing.


The Bare Bones
$350 - Weekday
$450 - Weekend

This package includes a non-traditional (casual dress) ceremony performed by DJ Dustin C and a notary to validate your marriage certificate on site. All you will need to provide is two witnesses.


The Basics
$450 - Weekday
$550 - Weekend

This package includes an intimate ceremony officiated by DJ Dustin C at the location of your choosing. All you need to provide is your rings, two witnesses, and your marriage license to be notarized on site at the end of the ceremony. This will fulfill all requirements to be legally recognized as married by the state of Alabama.


Your Elopement plus a 30 minute photo session and photos of the ceremony.
$700 - Weekday
$800 - Weekend

This package includes the ceremony officiated by DJ Dustin C at the location of your choosing, a 30 minute photo shoot with a professional photographer, and photos of your elopement ceremony to share with your friends & Family. Digital prints will be included, printed photos will be optional through the photographer.


A Micro Wedding if you will. 
$1300 to $1800 - Weekday
$1500 to $2000 - Weekend

This package includes everything in the Elopement + Photo package plus Floral arrangements and arch designed by Jut's Weddings & Events and premium white wooden folding chairs for 8 guests.

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