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Natalie Jane

Natalie Jane & DJ Dustin C
Natalie Jane & DJ Dustin C

Natalie Jane launched her professional music career while still in high school, recording her first singles and auditioning for Season 18 of American Idol, where she made it through the first two rounds and into the Top 40. She released her debut single “Love is the Devil" in August 2021. Over the next few months she independently released more tracks such as “Red Flag,” "Bloodline," and “Kind of Love,” the last of which was streamed more than seven million times on Spotify. In July 2022 she signed a deal with 10K Projects/Capitol Records and released her major-label debut, “Mentally Cheating.” As of November 2023, she had over 8.7 million followers on TikTok.

She moved to LA in September 2022, and released the singles “Seven” and “AVA,” the latter co-produced by Doc Daniel, Pink Slip and Inverness. "AVA" debuted on the official singles charts in the UK, Germany, The Netherlands and Norway. Her cover of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy," also produced by Pink Slip, came out in December 2022. At the end of the year, Distractify listed one of its favorite TikTok trends of 2022 as a "Crazy Riff Challenge" in which TikTok fans tried to "recreate the insane vocals of Natalie Jane." In February 2023 Natalie Jane performed in Hollywood at the launch of the Whitney Houston Hotel by Houston's estate. Her single "Seeing You With Other Girls" was released in March 2023. On April 28 she released the single "I'm Her." In July 2023, she released "I'm Good," a collaboration with charlieonafriday, On November 17, 2023, she released her debut album, Where Am I?, with four new songs and six of her earlier singles. You can currently find her on her SOLD OUT headlining tour of the U.S./U.K./Europe.

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